dogecaseI read case studies by Star and Adrienne. Sadly, Star’s wouldn’t let me comment on hers. I feel like I’m missing something there, but unsure what.

It was really interesting to see how Star and Adrienne addressed the case study in different ways and the vastly different topics that they chose to talk about. I’m going to talk about each individually.

Chrysler Museum Case Study:

I hadn’t actually considered the network that is present within a museum setting, and I really liked how Star presented a visual in writing of what the museum was like. (Now I want to go!). I thought it was also great that she considered curators of the museum and their role as nodes within the network. I also thought that the picture that Star tied into the discussion was helpful with seeing how networks change over time (the burger and fries glass piece being removed for the inclusion of another installment, and then later being replaced). It was a great example.

Facebook Profile Pictures Case Study:

Adrienne’s framework discussion at the beginning of the case study was really great for contextualizing her project specifically in Miller’s discussion of Genre as Social Action. I thought this made it easy to follow and it gave me ideas for how I might restructure my future case studies. I hadn’t actually thought about the power/agency levels involved in choosing a profile picture on social media like Facebook previously. Adrienne’s case study really brought that to my attention and I liked that she spent time discussing how a choice that I always assumed was simple has a lot of implications going on behind that choice. I realized that even when I’ve chosen my own pictures, some of the concerns she brought up were things I thought about, just not in depth.